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The Run Your Life 5K is inspired by the rising opioid epidemic in RI and the US. The URI Doctor of Physical Therapy Students and Pre-PT Club are excited to raise awareness for this cause and support addiction recovery through this race.

In 2016, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) launched the #ChoosePT campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription opioids, and to promote the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on choosing safe alternatives for pain management like physical therapy. Physical therapists aim to treat pain with movement by targeting the underlying conditions and side-effects of such conditions, rather than masking the symptoms as opioids do. Prescription opioids are appropriate in specific situations, when taken for a short period of time at the lowest effective dose, and when taken in combination with nonopioid therapies; but many times the risks outweigh the benefits: depression, dependence, respiratory depression and overdose, and withdrawal symptoms.

Through individualized treatment plans, physical therapists can help to reduce your pain and get you back to your daily activities. When it comes to your health – you have a choice!

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